Self Titled

by A Life Of Torment

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released October 24, 2016

Mixed and mastered by Levi Miller at Front & Center Recordings
Shadows of You composed by Caleb Stowe
Artwork by Dominic Pabon



all rights reserved


A Life Of Torment Virginia

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Track Name: Desire
I cut the ties of all the corrupted lust
to sever every string of hope
giving into my faith again
feeling your way through these open wounds
testing my grasp
every lifeless day I hope for change
if only there was an ounce of love to take away all of this pain
to one day see you in the brightest form again
I close my eyes for the last time
hoping to ease all of these wounds
I believe that nothing can.
Track Name: In Bloodshed
The urge to annihilate, to satisfy all my unwanted thoughts
the spirit of a body can only be so whole
my desire to watch as you try to gasp for air, you're soulless
Feed you lies until I get what I want
the satisfaction leaves me delighted
to feel all of my emptiness slowly fade away
the bloodlust inside of me will always be discontent
until I watch you suffer
until I pull you in
pull you into the dark
I've lead myself astray
selfless and unrelenting
there's so much more to this than satisfaction
Track Name: Regret
And the darkness falls
like the rain against your neck
once again I am left hopeless
the shadows of your past
coming over me
I am left to suffer
suffer with my memory of you
swallowing every bit of hope I am left with nothing
desperate cries
leaves my body aching for peace
imprisoned by my heartache
I am shaken by thoughts of never feeling whole
to feel once again
to breathe once again
once again
Track Name: On My Hands
Soaked in tears
are the hands of the virtuous
that once were so divine
there's nothing left
but pain and suffering
your salvation is redefined
profound lies answered with suffocation
denial of the blood that is on my hands
you choose to suffer
crying out for sympathy
asking for a chance of redemption
your pleas mean nothing
your words were once so whole
are now obsolete
so obsolete
your mourns will slowly fade into silence
your temptation, fulfilling my fixation